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Celebrate the new year with Pizza and Beer

Published:Thursday | January 2, 2020 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson - Gleaner Writer

It’s the end of the decade and the start of an exciting era. What better way to celebrate the new year than with the satisfying indulgence of pizza and beer?

Marrying the two to a happily ever after on your tastebuds is actually no stranger to many, but where can you go to get the delicious and refreshing duo right at your fingertips? The answer: coupling Jamaica’s favourite pizza, Pizza Hut, with Jamaica’s favourite beer, Red Stripe.

The delightful dough professionals have decided to tap into the festive season, joining forces with chill spot staples to provide the perfect pair to your palate. “We’re extremely excited about pairing Pizza Hut Pizza with Red Stripe Beer; two things which we know bring people together and create truly enjoyable, memorable and delicious moments as they are perfect for almost any group meal occasion,” said Andrei Roper, brand manager for Pizza Hut Jamaica.

Roper expects that this is only the beginning for the marriage between Pizza Hut Pizza and Red Stripe beer, “We see lots of potential and hopefully, lots more flavours on the horizon in 2020 and beyond - as pizza and beer are truly a match made in foodie heaven.”

Exciting partnership

Key Account Manager, Off Trade at Red Stripe, Anjelica Holmes, agreed with Roper, noting, “Restaurants of Jamaica is one of the major players in the food industry. So we were thrilled to venture in this new and exciting opportunity for a food and beer partnership.” She continued, “It was a great initiative this Christmas to deliver our sorrel beer with another great love of Jamaicans, pizza.”

The offer is as follows: for a limited time only, customers are able to receive the amazing offer of six cans of Red Stripe sorrel beer, for just $1500 with the purchase of any large pizza hut pizza, or they can get one can for $350: not tied to a pizza purchase. Please note: the consumers who partake in this promotion should be ot the legal drinking age. The promotion, which started on December 5, is scheduled to last for five weeks.

So what are you waiting for? Visit a Pizza Hut today and treat yourself, friends and family to pizza and beer.