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Seafood with D85 Lounge

Published:Thursday | June 25, 2020 | 12:30 AMKrysta Anderson/Gleaner Writer
From left (back row) : D85 Lounge presents its curried fish, boiled crab and curried sea crab (in front).
From left (back row) : D85 Lounge presents its curried fish, boiled crab and curried sea crab (in front).

‘Tis the season for scrumptious seafood. And if you’re cheffing things up at home with the pescatarian variety, that’s great. But if you want to take a break or this is just not up your alley of things culinary, why not seafood with D85 Lounge?

Located at 85 Molynes Road, D85 Lounge has been catering to the spirited needs of neighbours and other supporters for the past three years. When COVID-19 hit the island, placing a halt on bar operations, owner of the lounge, Andy Dacosta, decided to put his culinary innovation to the test. It was there that Shell Mondays was born.

“The food was just a promotion for the bar and people were encouraged to support the bar.” Among the dishes provided on the Shell Mondays menu are curried, garlic, boiled and the famous barbecued land and sea crab. Additionally, D85 Lounge also prepares crayfish, roasted and steamed fish, as well as specially requested fried fish. Catering to the economy, dishes are presented at affordable prices and the taste goes above and beyond amazing, staying true to authentic local spices and flavour.

Based on customer feedback, he is meeting the great demands by cooking every day. “So we have Shell Mondays, Bingo and Grill on Fridays, which includes jerk pork, jerk chicken and roasted fish, and seafood from Tuesdays to Thursdays.” He continued by sharing, “At the moment, everything is to go, so we offer takeout and kerbside pickup. Free delivery is available in the Corporate Area as well.”

With everyone encouraging him to push forward, Dacosta is in the process of expanding his services permanently by creating a restaurant. “I’m extremely grateful for the support that has been shown during this trying time. It opened a whole door for me and the business. So, I’m looking forward to exploring this tasty opportunity.”

Foodies interested in ordering from D85 Lounge, you can do so by calling or sending a message via WhatsApp to 876-856-2501.