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The sweet spirit of Rummy Bears Ja

Published:Thursday | October 15, 2020 | 12:05 AMKrysta Anderson/Gleaner Writer

Fun, fruity and boozy; that’s the sweet spirit of Rummy Bears Ja. Latanya Artwell decided to marry her love for confections with that of pure intoxication to create something exotic that it lives happily ever after on your palates. She told Food, “I love sweets and I like to drink, so mixing them together would’ve made me love them more.”

That melt-in-your-mouth create later led to a business idea after seeing the reaction and responses from others. After conducting a small market research, she found that persons actually liked the product. And inspiration struck at the most unlikely, but not surprising, time period: during the global pandemic. “I came up with this concept while in quarantine and on lockdown, surfing through the Internet for ways to conquer boredom. I came across the rummy and decided to try it and start a business from it,” she explained.

Accessible Decadent Delights

Parties, special events or your regular link-up drink-ups boasted the chewy variety, but many weren’t able to access these decadent delights on a daily or weekly basis. So she tapped into this niche; after all, life calls for celebration, so why not treat yourself and others whenever you can? “It was on my agenda to cater for parties and events, but due to this pandemic, I had to reconsider,” she revealed. Artwell supplies her customers at a storefront located in Kingston.

Since opening a month and a half ago, business has not been as easy or as constant as she would have liked. “Some weeks are successful, while others are slow,” she highlighted. But the young entrepreneur does understand that this is a new business on the market and we are now living in a new era brought on by COVID-19.

The flavours currently being offered include vodka fruity bears and drunken rummy bears. “I’m working with just white rum and apple vodka alcohols for now.”

So if you’re looking to add liquid-couraged sweetness to your intimately gathered event, or you want to tickle the fantasy of your taste buds, then take the dare and make your way to Rummy Bears Ja.

For more information on how you can taste these rummy bears for yourself, you can visit at 117 Hagley Park Road, Kingston 11 or follow Artwell’s business on social media: Instagram and Facebook: @rummybearsja; email: or call 876-324-0121.