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The grace of God carried me through

Published:Thursday | October 1, 2015 | 3:29 PM

Spanish Town, St Catherine

Name: Israel Burnett

Age: 9

School: McAuley Primary

Coach: Errol Campbell

Winning word: Vespiaries

Top 5

1. Israel Burnett, McAuley Primary

2. Windel Martin, Kitson Town All-Age

3. Qu-Neeka Queensborough, McAuley Primary

4. Jordan Maitland, Portmore Missionary Prep

5. Jonathan Blair, Trinity Prep

Quotes: "I feel very happy about my victory today. It was the grace of God that carried me through. I want to thank my coach, (and) my parent, and I just want to give thanks to God."

Israel's coach, Errol Campbell: "I'm feeling really elated because we have worked so hard. We've spent so many hours in training, and to see that Israel kept his focus, I am really elated!

"We were expecting the win because we went through the book meticulously and we also covered unseen material. So I knew that both spellers were well prepared.

Preparing for parish finals: "I went through the book five times a week and I did championship words sometimes, just in case we finished the book, (at the spell-down). So the reason that we won is because they knew we would finish the book. " (Israel Burnett)

Coach, on preparing for nationals: "We're not going to change anything. We're just going to go through our unseen material and make sure we are up to date with everything so that we can be well rounded for February."

Israel's message for the other parish finalists: "I just want to tell them one thing, that I am a champion."

* Errol Campbell coached the third-place speller, who is also the champion girl.