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GG urges employers to look beyond 'subjects'

Published:Sunday | May 22, 2016 | 12:00 AMChristopher Serju
Governor General Sir Patrick Allen

Governor General Sir Patrick Allen has charged employers to look beyond the impressive academic profiles of job applicants in making a determination as to their suitability for the world of work.

"They can write 10, 15, 20 CXC (Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate) and CAPE (Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination) and have the highest honours, and what have you. That is tremendous, that is good, but you examine those rÈsumÈs carefully and see the types of community service that they have done," Sir Patrick said last Thursday during a tour of the Newport-Fersan (Jamaica) Limited fertiliser plant in Kingston.

"See the other activities that they are involved in because these are critical to telling you the type of persons that you are employing in your organisations."

The governor general insisted that the education of Jamaica's youth must include values of commitment, trustworthiness, and honesty, which would see them coming to work on time, giving value for money, and being willing to go the extra mile on the job when asked so to do.

"This is what the I Believe Initiative is about - instilling those eternal and unchangeable values in our young people so that no matter where they go, they will stand the test of time," he said.

"They will be true to duty, they will not bow the knee to the influences around them, but you can always depend on them."

Launched in May 2011 by Sir Patrick, the I Believe Initiative aims at inspiring people to believe in and actualise their full potential, as well as to contribute to the building of a prosperous, progressive, and peaceful nation.

According to the governor general, embracing the tenets of the I Believe Initiative as a critical component of their employment strategy will redound to the benefit of business operators in the long run.

Dennis Valdez, managing director of Newport-Fersan (Jamaica), used the occasion to disclose that the company was in expansion mode and this was due in large measure to having embraced the philosophy articulated by the governor general.

"We have spent a decade building the brand, gaining the confidence of our consumers, and making a name for ourselves that is synonymous with quality and (which is) results driven. Our intent is to take that same level of service and product delivery beyond our shores," Valdez said.

"Integrated business approaches and potential investor opportunities are on the horizon for Newport-Fersan."

He continued: "We are looking at expanding our product offerings, exploring new markets, and developing partnerships that will benefit not only the company, but the country as a whole. Our aim is to continue innovating and bringing the latest technology to the Jamaican agriculture sector as we continue to diversify our portfolio."