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'A yah so nice' - Elaine's Father

Published:Wednesday | August 17, 2016 | 10:04 PMTamara Bailey

Manchester, Jamaica

"A yah so nice!" Elaine's father, Keith Thompson, shouted after she crossed the finish line to win the women's 200 metres final and secure her second Olympic gold medal. "Me feel good! Me feel great, God know. Me pray and ask Father God fi di gold medal. Me speak it into being and see it here.

"Me know she did a go get it, man, because once me pray, me know God a go deliver." Keith Thompson told The Gleaner.

Though hoarse from the shouts of commendation on his daughter's success, Thompson could not contain his excitement.

"Golddd! Banana Ground nuh good again. A pure niceness! It's a joy, man. Two gold me daughter give Jamaica, and it's her second Olympic gold medal. When she come back, whole heap a things a go gwaan fi her. We cyaan talk yet, but God is so good, and God know, my mother, Elaine's Grandma - oh gosh, I don't even know where fi find her now - she overjoyed. It's just pure excitement!"

Splendid performance

Another individual who was extremely impressed with Thompson's performance is principal of her alma mater, Manchester High School.

"She was splendid! She has tremendous talent and we knew that this would have been her year. She is certainly a source of motivation. She has risen above her challenges and we are looking forward to the third medal she will receive after the 4x100 metres. Two gold medals down, what a fantastic feat!"