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Calabar are 2017 favourites

Published:Wednesday | March 29, 2017 | 12:00 AMJason Cross
Jermaine Bailey
Shean Hanson
Orlando Brooks
Nikki Thomas
Jermain Johnson
Norma Griffith
Berres Lee
Carletta Gentles
Egan Haye
David Josephs

Corporate Area fans of the ISSA-GraceKennedy Boys and Girls' Athletics Championships have placed sure bets on the Red Hills Road-based Calabar High School, predicting that they will take the 2017 games. They do not seem to have a clear choice for the girls, however. The picks are Holmwood, Edwin Allen and Vere Technical high schools.


Orlando Brooks

My number-one school weh mi always choose is Calabar and a dem mi waa fi tek it again and again and again. Mi waa Holmwood deh beside Calabar.

Jermaine Johnson

Mi a go work wid C'Bar. Vere a my school, but dem nuh deh pon no form from weh day, but a Vere still.

Nikki Thomas

For Boys' Champs, KC all the way. Fortis forever! That's the school my son goes and I have always been a fan of KC. For Girls' Champs, I must carry my school, and I know that Convent of Mercy Academy will be in the top 10 this year. We have a good team.

Norma Griffith

Me seh Calabar and Edwin Allen (for the girls).

Carletta Gentles

KC, of course! Fortis is always the best. Well, I don't really have a favourite girls' school, but I always bring Holmwood.

Owen, security guard

C'bar! Mi love Hydel. If dem cyaa win, dem will still do something because dem look like dem have it.

Berres Lee

The dominant force is C'bar everytime. Honestly speaking, they have always been a force to deal with from day one. Dem a come this year more prepared and advanced than before.

Jermaine Bailey, policeman

Calabar! Yea, (that's where I went, Class of 1998). Mi feel like Holmwood a go carry it home (for the girls).

Shane Hanson, policeman

A Calabar me seh straight. I came into town and the way they operate, mi just rate them. Mi nuh (sure) bout the girls.


A JC di thing deh! You hear dat? Mi have a JC tie a girl did gi mi around five years ago. When mi beat it, (people) stick on JC pon mi, suh mi just say JC. Mi a go inna (stadium) Saturday inna mi khaki suit, and JC straight.

Eagan Haye

JC, because JC always surprise the world. JC always have athletes nobody don't know about. Edwin Allen a go win, because they have the best runners. Look out fi it!

David Josephs

A KC mi seh still innuh because, so far, a dem a di better school still. Holmwood mi woulda like fi win still.