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Four young women

Published:Wednesday | October 7, 2015 | 8:03 AM


Four young women, just ready for life, were brutally murdered within just a few days. Two of them were stabbed to death and two by the gun. And each pair of women were sisters.

What could have caused these monsters to put out the lives of these young women? What have these women done to these monsters for them to die such deaths? There are some wicked scoundrels in this country, we have to wonder if they really came out of the womb of women.

Can you imagine how the

parents of these women are feeling, with their daughters being slaughtered like wolves attacking sheep. These wicked hooligans just take it for granted to kill in the most brutal way; even the baby on the breast is not safe.

Will the police catch these monsters? This is one of the problems in Jamaica: Those who commit serious crimes are

seldom caught.

There is something that I realise in this country: No matter how brutally people are murdered; no matter how many stab wounds they receive, it's like nothing to many of us; we just shun it and move on; we don't even think about the pain the victims may have gone through or suffered.

This little country is getting more dangerous and fearful, and so are the hearts of some men: desperately wicked.

Donald J. Mckoy.