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Minister Thwaites backs discipline in schools

Published:Wednesday | October 14, 2015 | 11:17 AM


Glenn Tucker, in your Letter of the Day (October 14, 2015) accused Minister of Education Ronald Thwaites of not supporting the decision of Jose Marti High School to send home a female student for violating the dress code.

For the record, Minister Thwaites did not provide Television Jamaica with a comment on that specific incident - the Minister was not asked to. In fact, he believes the parent of this Jose Marti student and parents in general should cooperate with administrators in upholding school rules and discipline.

It would appear that TVJ utilised two pieces of archival video footage of Minister Thwaites making a general statement about schools sending home students.

As Mr Tucker indicated, if Minister Thwaites needed to speak to the principal of Jose Marti, he would simply take up the phone and call him. But there was no need.

However, the Minister of Education has consistently encouraged school administrators to apply sanctions for lateness, violation of dress code etc. that do not involve sending students back home after arriving at school but, rather, to discipline them while at school

Byron Buckley

Director, Corporate


Ministry of Education