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West Indies cricket needs a new coach

Published:Monday | December 28, 2015 | 12:00 AM


It is obvious that the current crop of West Indies cricketers lack the talent of the legends of yesteryear. But the disgraceful performances in recent test matches are inexcusable.

The coach cannot necessarily instill talent where there is none. But discipline can be coached. For the last 30 years, West Indies bowlers continue to showcase their indisciplined bowling on the biggest stage and our batsmen continue to get out in the same careless way match after match.

There is clearly a lack of discipline in the team and for this the coach should be blamed. A friend of mine has two children. One was naturally brilliant and hardly studied for her eight Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate distinctions. However, her brother who is not as gifted was able to achieve the same grades by putting in extra study hours.

I am sure if the coach insisted that the players put in the hours required to improve their game, the West Indies cricket team would not be an embarrassment to the region.

For his inability to instill this discipline in the team, Phil Simmons should go. Hopefully the next coach will spend more time in the sun with the players and less time under the media lights making lame excuses.