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Social media feedback | No ID, no access - J'cans will need national identification card to access gov't goods, services (Friday, September 8, 2017)

Published:Sunday | September 10, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Michelle Adriane Lemon: Full time Jamaica get in league with world standards so they can filter out the illegals living there, too. The country is being governed too loosely and lawlessly.

Marvia Valentine: They should expect that will happen. Same thing when TRN came out. Get with the changes. It has nothing to do with the Mark of the Beast. If you are in certain countries, you have to obey or stay behind. There are positive impacts, too. Crime is Jamaica's biggest demon.

Cleron Clarke: Everyone should have some type of identification. Doing business with the Government definitely requires one. Why not give IDs to those with no income for free?

Cynthia Williams: These money-grabbers are trying to oppress the poor more. No jobs are being provided, no matter how many subjects you leave school with. Poor people want work more than anything. Every day you come up with something that's going to cost money. Offer job opportunities to these people. We need help; that's why we voted for you.

Mark Kyle: About time Jamaica is run under some good laws and real governance. Well done! Hurry up and implement the national ID.

Katty Lee: Government! All they give is lip service. The people are on a roller coaster not knowing what to believe and who to trust. How can people trust the Government? There's so much deception that goes on behind closed doors.

Deana Crossfield: What is the sense? We have enough IDs already. Will this stop corruption? False passport, TRN, gun licence, and national ID, and the list goes on and on.

Audrey Heron: Good! Here in the States, if you don't have proper ID, you can't do any form of business. We are way behind in all aspects of life.

Paul Samuels: A new world order is being put in place. The Romans are still in charge.

Jonny Jonn Klash: First phase of the Mark of the Beast for Third World countries.

Clayton Kiffin: Good move! It should be easier to track down criminals.

Melissa Merchant: All Chinese people are supposed to have Jamaican ID too?

Neville Brownie: What difference will it make when everything else is for sale?

Joan Merine Stewart: So what happens when this ID we have is expired? It says expire 2017, so what then?

Griffiths Oren Nashon: The time has come now for all so-called Christian-minded people to stand up to their words now that it is plain that the Mark of the Beast is here. So if you do not sign up, you will have no access to government agencies across the country.

Topman Shane: Keep unnu ID. Me will use me passport or driver's licence.

Wayne White: I don't trust this system with all my personal information.

Abena Kaakyire Dixon: Everyone that I personally know in the US has an ID. Unless you want to live off the grid, it is irresponsible to not have one.

Barrington Douglas: My question is, what about folks who are living overseas?

Palmx Palmer: How you are doing business and you cannot identify yourself?

Andrene Henry: Great to see NIDS finally coming to life. It's been a looooooooong journey.

Terry Reid: I thought they had this in play already. I think it is a fair play.

Nattie Freeman: That's OK. Does that mean I won't need to pay my taxes? That is fine by me.

A.J. Johnson: This is just a basic and essential step in any civilised society.

Howard Jr Small: How do I go about in gettting this new ID?

David Gordon: Voter ID, passport, driver's licence.

Jhamol Ross: Mark of the Beast?

Charlene Thomas: 2019? Why so long?