Tue | Jun 6, 2023

Is Paulwell without sin?

Published:Friday | July 13, 2018 | 12:00 AM


I can't see what Carolyn Warren's conviction for a crime 25 years ago has do with her becoming a managing director of a company today. This is the side of partisan politics that I will never support.

What if a convict goes back to school and becomes a doctor or firefighter? Are you saying that he or she should be prevented from saving lives because of her convictions?

How low will a politician go for the sake of power? Phillip Paulwell, what if this lady was your sister, cousin, etc? Would you love for her name and your family's name to be publicly embarrassed and humiliated just because of someone's selfish gain?

You aspire to become prime minister one day, and if this is how you will operate in office, I am sorry for Jamaica.




These are the questions I would have rather heard you ask:

1. Does this lady have the necessary qualifications for the position?

2. Was the interview process fair or did she get there because of her political affiliation?

3 How is she performing in the position?

4. What type of assets/skills does she bring to the company?

5. How is the company benefiting from her stewardship?

Christ asked the people without sin to cast the first stone. Based on Paulwell's action, it is obvious that he is willing to throw stones if he gets the chance.