Sat | Sep 18, 2021

Safety and security foremost human right

Published:Monday | December 17, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Gordon Robinson, in his column of Sunday, December 16, 2018, titled 'Rescued from the brink', was absolutely foolish in stating that abrogating human rights to fight crime causes more serious problems. It is stupid analysis in this context.

Did he consider that fighting crime in Jamaica is not like the usual fight in most other countries? There is no fight against crime that can take place without people having to give up human rights.

However, the most fundamental human right is safety and security. How can a nation with more than 1,000 murders have political activists justifying ending states of emergency? As Prime Minister Holness pointed out, Jamaica is in a state of emergency anyway.

The states of emergency should remain and be expanded to other areas until our nation is at only 100 murders a year. By then, the security forces will be able to eliminate the remaining 100.

I cannot understand why you guys have so many fools writing in the newspaper pretending that they are intelligent.