Fri | Jul 30, 2021

Should Ja accept NIDS?

Published:Friday | April 12, 2019 | 12:16 AM


Each Jamaican should take an-indepth look at the proposed National Identification System (NIDS). Will NIDS be too intrusive or oppressive? With the passage of time, could it be subsequently modified without further ratification? Can civil servants be trusted to handle such sensitive information without entertaining some type of breach or fraud?

If the devices break down for an extended period, how will that impact transactions? What is the maintenance cost? Furthermore, what would be the result if this small nation was invaded by outside forces and the system was under another country’s control? Is this multibillion-dollar system worth it?

It’s time to live moral and respectful lives that have definite economic value. Level-headed, fair, and sensible decisions need to be made for all to increasingly live safe, healthy, enjoyable, successful lives.

Don’t bite off more than we can chew and always be transparent, raising our children with great purpose like our celebrated and unsung heroes. Doing what’s right needs to be our personal and political ideology. Actually, it seems there’s no other way.

Concerned Citizen