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No one today like Hitler

Published:Friday | May 24, 2019 | 12:29 AM


I am utterly disgusted by the statement of the PNPYO president, who, in ignorance and stupidity, compared the prime minister of Jamaica to Adolf Hitler.

As a Jew, her statement simply denigrates the horrific tragedy that Hitler inflicted on people of my faith, which is something to this day still etched in our memory.

I do not believe her insincere apology is enough. I would hope that the decent members of the PNPYO and PNP demand her resignation or simply sack her from her position.

Those in public must be careful in their statements and must reflect on history. Far too much today, political types like the PNPYO president harp back to Hitler and compare present day political officials they oppose, as being like Hitler.

There is no one today like Hitler.

I know people who survived the Holocaust as well as lost their entire family members. Loved ones burned alive, gassed, shot to death; all at the orders of the Nazi regime and of the ideology of Hitler.

Her words belittle the Holocaust and the lingering impact on those who survive as well as those of the Jewish faith.

I hope she is removed from her post for the sake of decency and enlightenment.