Sat | Oct 16, 2021

White oppression in Jamaica

Published:Saturday | June 13, 2020 | 12:00 AM


Queen Ifrica is right. There are numerous closeted racists in Jamaica who are bolstered and elevated by mentally enslaved Jamaicans.

White Jamaicans continue to be a class unto themselves in Jamaica. A certain group of them do not marry, socialise, befriend, regard, or respect black Jamaicans.

They hold on to properties that black people were historically barred from purchasing and continue in countless subtle ways to oppress and enslave black Jamaicans. The so-called great houses they use to attract tourists continue to glorify slavery and the barbaric treatment white people meted out to black people.

In places, Jamaica is still being run like a plantation.

Many white Jamaicans have a vested interest in keeping black Jamaicans in the positions they ascribe them: semi-literate, self- hating, apologists, poor, and dependent on their meagre wages.

There are so many brilliant, highly educated, successful, and thoughtful Jamaicans. Why are more people not speaking out about the reality of white oppression in Jamaica?

If only there were more Queen Ifricas in Jamaica to denounce racism!