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Letter of the Day | Jamaica needs cultural revolution to curb acts of violence

Published:Saturday | December 4, 2021 | 12:05 AM


After reading the article by Carolyn Cooper, ‘Adventist pastor promoting marital rape fired’, I found myself looking through the window to see if pigs were flying, for it’s the first in a very long time that I’m in TOTAL AGREEMENT with Dr Cooper!

I would have gone further by saying that this incident brilliantly illustrates why Jamaica is so poor and underdeveloped, despite “an embarrassment of riches” and untold billions in foreign aid from the United States, United Kingdom/European Union and Canada since our so-called Independence. For as Pastor Kevin Smith has demonstrated, had Dr Robinson uttered those backward sentiments in a church in Jamaica, he would have been rewarded with a fiercely loyal following, full collection plates, and maybe a new church or two added to his portfolio for steady profit. There would have been no accountability.

This brand of slackness, though well tolerated in Jamaica, is FIRMLY rejected in First World countries, where citizens are not only well-educated, but also accorded equal rights and treatment by law. We see this firm rejection of degenerate Jamaican values with the monthly arrival of deportee flights. The message from the First World is clear: we will not allow your depraved citizens to further corrupt our societies.

Those without a sense of shame will merely laugh away these incidents. But to my mind, what we need in Jamaica is nothing less than a complete cultural revolution to correct the commonly held mentality that violence against women, violence against children, violence against vulnerable individuals, violence against EACH OTHER is unobjectionable, simply a thing to be tolerated.

Until we correct this deficiency, sensible countries will continue to impose visa regimes on Jamaican citizens (visa-free countries for St Kitts, 157; for Barbados, 160; for Trinidad and Tobago, 147; for Jamaica, only 83!) and will continue to deport our unruly citizens on a monthly basis.


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