Sun | Dec 4, 2022

Wi nuh want Elizabeth II granpickney dem yah

Published:Monday | March 21, 2022 | 12:06 AM


I protest this visit by Elizabeth II granpickney dem. Wi nuh want dem yah. I want to encourage all Jamaicans to wear black on the day of their arrival as a sign of protest, since we haven’t got our reparations monies yet. Further, Queen Elizabeth II has not even apologised for slavery and colonialism brought on us by her foreparents.

The so-called Crown Jewels have a lot of stolen goods that would make our local thieves look like dem nah try. These Crown Jewels are like grand theft on display. Indeed, I recall a lady telling me a story of being robbed downtown and, within minutes, the thief “was “bright and outta order enough to” return the goods, telling her that she must start buy real jewels instead of fake and stop wasting his time.

I was very pleased to hear that William and Kate had to cancel a trip to the Akte’ il Ha cacao farm in an indigenous Mayan village in Belize after villagers launched a protest. I hope the same happens here.

Please wear a black scarf or black clothes to protest this visit. Remind them of what their ancestors did to us, and do not support their hypocritical smiles and gestures.