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Published:Monday | June 27, 2022 | 12:07 AM

Money well spent for Jamaica, says Morgan

“The Jamaican taxpayers say otherwise. We need to know the amount, like now.” – @nuttyshe11

“As I said before, this administration is Jamaica’s worst by far. This so-called bid is a monumental scandal at so many levels.” – @aarons_andre

“How do u assess this value? Some ppl were concerned abt ur approach. Some were certain we’d win. If she’d won, we’d b thrilled. I’ve known KJS 4yrs in different capacities. She’s a wonderful person. Timing matters!” – @lenawhyte

“We are so blinded in this time. We must clean up our issues here before we expound on such adventure. Jamaica is in need of tougher leaders in regard to the state of the country. Not hard enough on issues that shapes the new age.” – @C1tyboyk3no

“Excellent exposure. Now we know where we stand with the CARICOM countries on the world stage. Diplomats, go to work.” – @LVT818

“Money down the drain, if you ask me.” – @rovertsirrah

“Whatever so-called ‘value’ the country received could have been gotten at a much lower cost under normal circumstances. The country needs to know the total cost for this escapade.” – @ErrolJohnson18

“’Money well spent’ would entail bringing back a one pound of gold for every single Jamaican.” – @MrR3N01

“Can you imagine? This is the best value for money they could think of? This is how they chose to spend money when all a we a suffer? Zero benefit!” – @Callher_Simone

If we are taking steps to remove the Queen as head of state, why use so much resources to make our minister of foreign affairs a Secretary General of the Commonwealth? Serious question.” – @Nothing2CNow

“@NestaJA, the brokering of the “gains” that are outlined in this article are the already-paid functions of a large bureaucracy called the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Foreign Trade and the Jamaican missions overseas and our people at the UN.” – @CarolNarcisse

“It’s not your call to decide if we got value for money. That belongs to the owners of the money, the citizens. Just tell us how much was spent and we will decide.” – @dentona22

“At this point, I need to see evidence of anything you ppl say! Where is the evidence of this? Your ultimate motive got shot down after her loss! Focus on the country you govern to make it better!” – @eviltwinmya

“Every time this youth speaks, I tremble. Before you apologise to Jamaicans. Sir, that’s waste of money, and we want it back.” – @roseanroses

“Just remember, Cornwall Regional is like a soldier camp. Pure tent and board huts. Just gonna leave that here.” – @nicholas.w__

“At this point mi blame mi self and the rest a wi.” – @mahogany19

“I agree with you, money well spent. Remember, God wasn’t ready for her to leave Jamaica yet, so he allowed us to waste that money instead. Makes sense.” – @jamaicanscouser

Reactions sourced from The Gleaner’s Twitter and Instagram pages. Compiled by Khanique McDaniel.