Wed | Nov 29, 2023

Is there another meaning for ‘unlimited’?

Published:Monday | November 28, 2022 | 12:05 AM


I discovered it first on FLOW and I called their support team and was told that they defined ‘unlimited’ in my plan as being limited to a certain amount of text messages.

Then I was told by someone that Digicel has a similar ‘unlimited promotion’ going on, too. A friend of mine told me that they reached out to the OUR and asked them to define unlimited (as if the dictionary’s definition was not enough), and somehow it was agreed that this promotion could run. I find the ‘unlimited’ slogan being used by both network providers misleading.

I understand that words have contextual meanings, but I never knew that the word ‘unlimited’ was one of them.

I would like the OUR to explain this to me because they are the regulators, unless ‘unlimited’ has another obscure meaning, too, which we are missing.