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Published:Friday | January 27, 2023 | 12:23 AM
Stocks and Securities Limited office.
Stocks and Securities Limited office.

FSC obtains court order to block wind up of SSL

Nigel and Byles are super smart men! Swift action. I now have confidence in Jamaica’s banking system and this investigation.

– @jadenbrownja

@NigelClarkeJa love this move, they shall all be exposed.

– @Donoviene

Glad to know that the FSC go to the court and the court block it.

– @BossSwaggerific

Block it! Weh dem a try run go. Justice must be served. We are all paying attention to see how this will unfold.

– @willryanwilson

Wateva unu haffi do, do it. Cause we a watch unu like shark for justice!

– @ncgdesigns

They need to put stop orders on them all, and freeze their assets as well.

– @iamnicola_b

Love this move, it’s being proactive to whatever plans SSL would use to get themselves out of this mess. – @tlawb

Yes, stop them. They need to be held accountable.

– @bookedbyyanique

Wow, I tell u it’s bigger than you see, but this is a great start.

– @cali2dab

For once da system de mek sense.

– @petes_divine_catering5378

Hope they’re not late with this injunction. Please don’t fail the Jamaican society, Dr Nigel Clarke, as we hold you in high esteem, more so than the PM. Let this one go down in history. Do not fail our dear Usain. Richard is a man of integrity, he will get to the bottom of this.

– @kimmy_sam_sim

Why it took so long?

– @worldtraveler_up_up_

Because that definitely would have been their next move. Boy, this feel like Cash Plus all over again!

– @sweetstuff_boutique_ja

Good move. We need integrity to be maintained throughout this entire investigation. This is one for the history books.

– @chicladiesboutique

@usainbolt, dash the law at them. – @shanz_ur_world

Finally an attempt to say enough is enough! Make an example out of them! Too bright and out a order! – @el_naj25

So, they want to voluntarily wind up the company. So how the investors dem a go get back them money? What a piece of briteniss. – @im_a_classyone

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