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Desreen Dayle balances family and work

Published:Wednesday | August 5, 2015 | 5:16 PMJolyn Bryan
Desreene Dayle in the classroom.
Desreene and daughter Lorell pause for a photo.

LYSSONS, St Thomas:

For the last 17 years, Desreene Dayle has been an educator at Lyssons Primary School in St Thomas. But that is not the only job that keeps her busy.

Since April 2014, she has been a news correspondent for a local radio station, but more important, she is the mother of two children.

Dayle acknowledges that being a full-time mother and a career woman has its challenges, but revealed to Family and Religion that she has worked out strategies to cope with the difficulties.

"Time is the factor that creates challenges in raising children and working," she revealed. "I don't get to study, and do assignments with them. I check the bags and go through their books while they are sleeping. I develop a special prayer relationship where I am always asking God to do the parenting for me. I can't get to check School Based Assessment and assist with studying for exams, so I pray, 'Lord, please give them clear minds and help them to do well,' or 'Lord, I need you to take charge because I can't'. I daily acknowledge my shortcomings and allow the Father to take charge," Dayle told Family and Religion.

Dayle began her teaching career in 1998, when she was given a class of 48 grade-six students, several of whom were slow learners and transferred from the Special Education unit. But through her hard work, and complete reliance on God's guidance, she was able to help several of her students pass for prominent high schools in the parish, including Morant Bay and Seaforth High. Surprisingly, Dayle had no intention of becoming a teacher in her youth.

"I resented the profession from preschool, when I was beaten for not being able to spell girl. I felt that my teachers never knew me or cared about my potential throughout preschool, primary school and high school and saw them as individuals who never cared to know me, except for the name that was associated with the body," she said. "My view changed when I met Mrs Rose at Northern Caribbean University (then West Indies College). She saw each of her students as individuals capable of completing their God given purpose and her personality erased my resentment."

Dayle has also found much satisfaction in her job as a news correspondent, finding that travelling and meeting new people is well suited to her personality. She explained that she enjoys connecting with people from all walks of life, some of whom are influential and others less fortunate.

Describing herself as a single mother, but not a single woman, Dayle revealed that she also enjoys a loving relationship with a supportive partner, and also has support with her children from other members of her family.

"My biological father is always willing to assist. He calls regularly and offers constant assistance. There is also Mrs Abrahams who has been taking care of my daughter since she is two months old and I had to return to work. God watches over us and provides the right persons in our lives to help us along the way," she told Family and Religion.

Dayle's faith is the bedrock upon which her life is built. A Seventh-day Adventist Christian for more than 20 years, she uses Christ's principles to instruct her children, teaching them to love and respect God and to nurture their relationship with Him.

"We have great love and respect for God, but, however, do not attend church regularly. We believe it's the relationship with God that matters - not the attendance," Dayle explained.

She also nurtures her relationship with her children by putting aside special time to be with them, even with her busy schedule.