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New Forest gets high school

Published:Tuesday | September 8, 2015 | 3:11 PM
A section of the school population at the New Forest Primary and High School.
Parent Ronette Sinclair with her son, Chadrick Sinclair, who is a part of the first set of first-form students.

NEW FOREST, Manchester:

It is not every day that one hears of a rural junior high school bettering its offerings and transforming its space to achieve high-school status, but New Forest Infant, Primary and Junior High has done it.

It was recorded as one of the biggest parent-supported school reopening in the history of the school on Monday when more than 100 parents and guardians stood with pride to witness the great moment. More than 60 students entered the gates of the institution as the first cohort to officially begin the high-school component.

Smartly dressed in new uniforms, the students listened intently as each presenter gave them much-needed motivation to conquer challenges and do well for the school year.

"We want to ensure that we give all the glory and praise due to Him because for us to succeed, we have to place our trust [in Him] ... . Today, you have no time for television, cell phones and video games when you begin this school year, you have time to fill your brains with all the things that teachers will be teaching you ... .

"And parents, those of you who are having any doubts about sending your children to us, fret not thyself. All you have to do is work with us. Once you work with us, the best is yet to come. These students will go on to produce 10, eight, nine and five CSEC (Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate) subjects," said principal Arnaldo Allen.

With academic excellence among those things to look forward to, the chairman of the board, Trisha Williams-Singh, said all the changes and every strategic move will enhance the lives of the students and teachers.

From the new school colours, the relocation of vendors from the front of the school to the back with colour-coordinated tents and the state-of-the-art science lab soon to be completed, the New Forest Primary and High School is well on its way to new heights.


"I expect greatness from New Forest. I really love this school, and I'm glad for the high-school department now. I have seen the progress over the years and I knew one day this would happen, and being here to witness it makes me glad ... ," said parent Ronette Sinclair. "My son is my last child at New Forest and I'm happy that he is part of the new beginning in New Forest."

Parent Sherene Bennett expressed similar sentiments.

"I have high expectations. My son is a slow learner and promises that I get from the principal actually help me to believe that my son will do well here," said Bennett.

But who could be happier for this grand milestone than those directly experiencing it?

"I'm very excited. I want to achieve good grades and I know I will because from grade one through to six, lots of the teachers helped me to be brave and answer questions and not be shy because I think I may not know it," said Christina Nelson, a first-form student.

Devoy Gallaway is looking forward to doing well in his CSEC exams in four years' time.

"I wanted to come here; I wasn't forced. I asked my mother to get me a transfer here because I know about the school from long time ... . I promise I won't waste my time. I'll learn and when 2020 comes, I will do well in my CSEC exams."

Known for its greenhouse and its use in sustaining departments of the institution, the New Forest Infant, Primary and High School is definitely one to look out for in the very near future.