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Sex is not Taboo - The Guide to Maintaining Families with Christian Principles

Published:Thursday | September 24, 2015 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey
Leonard Anderson, author of ‘Sex is not Taboo.

Newport, Manchester:

As one who grew up in a broken home and who has seen several persons experience the effects of the breakdown of the family, Leonard Anderson has challenged himself to help his fellow men mend pieces of their lives back together and reach their full potential through his book Sex is not Taboo.

"From I was a young man, I had certain concepts about family. It is the best thing that we have, but it is the worst treated. Family - I don't think of it first as man and woman and children; I think of it first as two people, wife and husband - the couple. If those two make it right, then the world wouldn't be as it is today," said Anderson.

He further stated: "From the beginning, it started with two, but now there are more people in the world, so there is much disrespect because we know there are others we can lean on."

"The importance must be seen in couples, and this is why I don't believe in people not getting along. We choose not to get along, and though it's a battle today, I'm still going to fight it because I believe in God. Though it's a sinful world, God's principles still stand.

"This book is Bible based."



For years, Anderson shied away from inking his thoughts and advice because he felt inadequate, having had formal education only up to grade five.

"I never wrote a three-sentence dictation when I was going to school. I went to school so badly, sometimes two weeks out of a year. Maybe I went a total of three years out of the five years of school, and I felt a pastor or someone of that calibre had to write this book."

But with careful introspection, Anderson, having learnt principles of survival from an early age and the importance of self-actualisation, took approximately six months to complete his book.

"When one reads this book, they will be informed on a wide array of issues. There is a chapter titled, 'There is hope for the mismatched couple'. Others include, 'Help save your family', 'Pastors must be more vocal about sex', 'Divorce', 'I want my own man', 'Keep your bedroom door locked', 'Shallow love', and 'Secrets to a happy marriage'."

He added, "Jesus loves us so much that He came and died for the least among us, and this is why I tell people that I can go out there and see a woman, and once I decide to marry her, I know I'm going to treat her right. I'm not seeing the beauty outside; beauty must be in your attitude."

The book has been distributed in parts of Canada and England. Anderson says he has received much commendation from those it has touched.

"Nobody has ever tried to condemn me about this book. This is my way of empowering people. This book is holistic; it is geared towards helping couples do much better than they are doing; it is heaven bound because if families aren't saved then many will be lost."

Having been married for 36 years, Anderson says for marriages to work, there must be sacrifices, patience, and understanding of personalities.

"People must build together: a woman who wants a man to 'mind' them, and men who only want a woman if she is working, is cheap thinking and that is what ruins many families. This is about making each other happy and placing God at the centre."

Sex is not Taboo can be found at Haughton's Pharmacy, Mandeville; Impact Gift Centre, Mandeville; Tai Centre Book Store, and Northern Caribbean University. Anderson can be reached at 454-3043 or 788-3282.