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May Pen charity walks in God's footsteps

Published:Thursday | December 3, 2015 | 1:48 PMHorace Fisher

MAY PEN, Clarendon:

The Bible is replete with accounts of Jesus' altruism towards the poor, sometimes miraculously feeding the hungry, healing the sick, and even resurrecting the dead. And before his ascension to heaven, he commanded his followers to always remember the poor and destitute.

Thousands of years later, a May Pen-based charity organisation, Devine Revelation Outreach Ministry (DROM), has taken up the challenge and has adopted a children's home and a ward at the May Pen infirmary. They also instituted a feeding programme for the homeless.

"We are just answering Jesus' call to remember the poor and needy in the society. Remember, while He was on earth among us, He did all these things as an example for us to follow," Deloris Beckford, the charity's president, shared with Family and Religion.

"We have been around for quite some time; however, Devine Revelation Outreach Ministry formalised its incorporation just a year ago. And to date, the organisation has adopted the Anderson's Children Home and a whole

ward at the infirmary," informed the president.

The faith-based group is, however, making plans to expand its charity outreach in the parish and is in the process of acquiring lands to establish a centre that will, among other things, be used as a homework centre, skills training centre, homeless drop-in centre, cookshop, and a shelter for young mothers in the parish.

"It would be ideal for the group to have a place where kids can come and do their homework and for young mothers to have a place where they can learn a skill and get back on their feet ... . That is our ambition," Beckford added.

However, while the group has big plans, they are lacking a sustainable source of funding to implement and support the charity's projects in a sustainable way. They have embarked on a number of fundraising projects.

"Funding is a big issue. Most of the things we do are done from our hearts and pockets, so we are putting on a gospel concert this Saturday (today) at the Palmers Cross Primary and Junior High School in Palmers Cross, May Pen to raise funds for our charities," Alecia Smith, a board member, told Family and Religion.

She also shared that, apart from giving tangible benefits to the destitute, the group also participates in spiritual benevolence through praise and worship sessions at devotions.