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K Churchill Neita labels JLP top-tier as stooges

Published:Sunday | February 14, 2016 | 12:00 AMDaraine Luton
K. Churchill Neita

K. Churchill Neita, the top-rated attorney whose political career Audley Shaw killed before it began,
has reserved some of the harshest words for three leading figures in the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) -- Andrew Holness, Shaw and Robert Montague.

Neita, a member of the PNP, used a political platform in Harbour View, East Rural St Andrew Friday night to describe the men as "the three stooges".

Holness is the leader of the main opposition JLP, Shaw is the spokesman on finance and Montague is the chairman.

Neita said one is dumb, the other is dumber and the third is dumbest.

Neita said Shaw, who defeated him in the 1993 general election in North East Manchester, has been busy talking nonsense on the campaign trail and does not recognise that he is in danger of losing his seat.

"Every time Shaw sees a microphone he get verbal incontinence," Neita said.

"He talks without an ounce of cerebral input. Him don't know what him talking about. But he loves to hear the sound of his voice and once he is doing that I am reliably informed that his house is being taken away from him and he too may be confined to the scrap heap of political oblivion," he added.

The attack on Shaw comes ahead of a planned public  rally in Mandeville, Manchester today Sunday which the PNP is seeking to use to boost its chances of winning in the parish.

There are four seats in Manchester, three of which have been consistently represented by the PNP since 1989. The fourth seat, North East Manchester, has been held by Shaw since he beat Neita by 795 votes.

Shaw was first elected in 1993, when the PNP won 52 of the 60 constituencies island-wide including three in Manchester.

Shaw had lost his first bid for the Manchester North Eastern seat in the 1989 election to Calvin Lyn, who won by 210 votes.

But in the 2011 general election, his winning margin was slashed from 1,414 in the previous election to 573 votes.

The PNP has nominated businessman Valenton Wint to challenge Shaw for the second consecutive election.