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Tech Times | ArgomTech BT Sonic earbud

Published:Saturday | May 28, 2016 | 12:00 AM

The ArgomTech BT Sonic earbud comes in frustration-free packaging. Included in this unit are the headphones and a USB charger.

The ArgomTech BT Sonic earbud utilises the neckband design, allowing users to wear it while placing the ear buds in the ear. The earbuds will form around the inside of your ear canal and will block out external sounds, allowing you to listen to your music on a lower volume and have a better experience. The earpieces are soft and comfortable to wear, even after prolonged periods. The Sonic earbuds are well mannered, as they greet you with a pleasant 'hello' and 'goodbye,' as the unit is powered on and off.

Designed for those with an active lifestyle, this unit is better suited for light to moderate activity as the unit does not stay in place because it rests on your neck. The unit we found was better for office use, and it allowed you to discretely listen to music by having the neckband under your collar, and slipping in an earbud. The ArgomTech BT Sonic earbuds have a vibration feature, and will do so during start-up and while receiving an incoming call. The sound quality from this unit is fair, and will provide listeners with an average performance while wearing this lightweight device, which comes in at 32 grams.

While the unit is nicely design and stylish, it may be a waste of battery life to have the unit default to pairing mode when powered on.




- Lightweight and flexible.

- Only takes two hours to charge.

- Over 10 hours of playback time.

- The earbud design allows for noise isolation as the units go directly into the outer ear canal.

- There are a number of buttons on the headphone that allow you to control the volume, and to answer or end calls.

- Can be hidden under clothing while being used.




- The position of the USB charging port is awkward.

- Having an integrated battery, this doesn't allow the user to change the battery when power retention becomes weak.

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