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Students preparing for greener pasture

Published:Wednesday | July 6, 2016 | 12:00 AMGareth Davis Sr
Ann-Marie Vaz of One Jamaica Foundation handing over an HP printer, scanner, and copier to Gregory Davis, principal of Saint Margaret’s Bay Primary School in Portland.


It was a proud-looking bunch of graduates of St Margaret's Bay Primary School in Portland, who sat attentively during the out-pouring of accolades at their graduation ceremony, while basking in their recent Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) success.

The 17 boys and girls were among the top achievers in GSAT, who also managed to secure a place at the schools of their first choice - Titchfield and Port Antonio high schools.

Ann-Marie Vaz of One Jamaica Foundation, who donated a HP printer, scanner, and copying machine to the school, also brought greetings and commendations to the graduates.

"The celebration of a graduation marks the transition of one stage to another," commented Vaz.

"It is a sign of growth and development. Graduates, even at this stage, you have critical decisions to make as young people. The transition from primary to secondary and on to tertiary education gives you an opportunity to pause at this juncture and consider whether you have given your best to reach this point or for you to exert more energy to achieve better success," she added.




According to Vaz, in today's society, education remains the only legitimate avenue for one to achieve upward mobility. She noted that education is the key for success, but that in an era where technology and information are the two most critical factors in maintaining a competitive edge, it is imperative for students to work diligently and to put their creative caps on, so as to excel.

Principal Gregory Davis spoke about the need for students to aim high and not to settle for mediocrity. He urged the graduates to be positive thinkers and for them to become engaged in hard work as they will ultimately become Jamaica's future leaders.

"These youngsters represent who we are as a school," he said.

Davis added, "As a school, we have to learn to manage the energy that these students possess. These students will excel, especially when they have the full support of parents and community residents. Students, as you go to a new school, there will be challenges. It is going to be a climb and, therefore, you have to take your time. I urge you to free your minds of negative vibes and thinking, and move forward with positive thinking."