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They left us last year!

Published:Thursday | December 29, 2016 | 12:35 PM
Ingrid Brown
Dominic James
Barrington 'Barry' Watson
Ray Chen
Shakira Martin
Glenroy Sinclair
Louis Marriott
Gary Spaulding

Captains of industry, leading members of the cultural fraternity, four senior serving members of the local journalism fraternity, and well-loved members of the sporting community, including a schoolboy who died during a football game, were among the many prominent Jamaicans who left us last year.

Today, we remember just some of them:

Brian George:

The president and chief executive officer of Supreme Ventures Limited fell ill and was taken to the Andrews Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead at age 59. "When Brian Reginald Austin George's trailblazing life came to an end on October 23, it took away the magical love of a husband, broke the bond of marriage between him and his beautiful and devoted wife, Keneea Linton-George, and the strong bond of love with his sons, Matthew and Christopher."

Ingrid Brown:

"Ingrid Lucrecia Simone Brown packed much more living into 39 years than most people ever do helping others while excelling professionally. She was definitely 'from the class of the extraordinary'." The former Jamaica Observer associate editor's work over the years won her numerous awards and the respect of her colleagues in the profession and the wider society.

Dominic James:

The late captain of the St George's College Manning Cup football team collapsed on September 20 during a football match at the Stadium East playing field and later died at hospital. "I am deeply saddened by the sudden and untimely death of young Dominic during the football match yesterday. One cannot imagine the great sorrow of his parents and the trauma to the team, coaching staff, and the school population," said Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

Barrington Watson:

"Most persons familiar with the Jamaican art world will agree that Barrington Watson was one of Jamaica's most popular and acclaimed artists. This is supported by the high market value of his work and the enthusiastic and loyal support he has garnered from major Jamaican art patrons and collectors."

Ray Chen:

"A world-renowned photographer who used his vast skills to tell pictorial stories that portray Jamaican life like none has. He stumbled into photography by chance, and it became his life's driving passion, doing extensive work in photography in the island."

Gary Spaulding:

"He may have been known as a veteran political journalist who rubbed shoulders with the high and mighty, but Gary Wayne Spaulding, 52, was always grounded. He also walked the back roads and the alleys and maintained the common touch." Spaulding's body was discovered at his St Andrew home on June 6, having died from a massive heart attack.

Glenroy Sinclair:

"One of Glenroy's best qualities was the fact that he was a team player. He felt as if he was letting down the side if he were absent from work." Sinclair, 49, died at the Kingston Public Hospital after collapsing at work.

Louis Marriott:

The actor, broadcaster, director, writer, and historian passed away at age 81. "Louis Marriott will be remembered as a Jamaican patriot and a consummate, creative professional who served his country selflessly through his dedication to his creative passions, including the arts and theatre, in particular."

Shakira Martin:

The former Miss Jamaica Universe, 30, died in a Florida hospital from complication with the sickle cell disease. "Shakira was a fighter, lived her life in the moment (and) never became a slave to her disease. "

Fay Tortello:

The former Italian consul to Jamaica and sister of former Prime Minister Edward Seaga passed away on August 1, three days short of her 85th birthday. A savvy businesswoman, as consul she brokered a number of projects between the Italian and Jamaican governments, including the rehabilitation of Jamaica Public Service power plants in Old Harbour and the upgrading of the Bustamante Hospital for Children, the latter at no cost to Jamaica.

Others who moved on included:

o Alex Stewart (boxer) died November 16

o Scarlette Beharie (theatre practitioner) died October 11

o Christopher Roberts (businessman) died October 7

o Paul Seaton (businessman) died September 25

o Cecil Cooper (educator, musician, and realist painter) died September 15

o Rev Earl Thames (pastor, theologian) died August 11

o Jimmy Riley (reggae singer) died March 22

o Jordan Foote (schoolboy footballer) died March 5

o Winston 'Merritone' Blake (sound system operator/recording artiste/record producer) died February 27

o Junior Dowie (photojournalist) died February 17

o Dr Carroll Dawes (theatre director, scholar and teacher) died February 1

o Major Rudolph Green (former head of the JDF) died November 30

o Paul Byfield (videographer) died September 29

o Seymar Ramsey (schoolboy basketballer) died November 4

o Prince Buster (international artiste) died September 8