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Young preacher speaks about the power of persistent prayer

Published:Thursday | May 4, 2017 | 2:23 PMTamara Bailey
Silburn Reid

So you've prayed to God, and your prayer seems to have gone unanswered. You question whether your requests were too ambitious or whether God's love and care still extend to you.

But could it be that we are to exercise patience? Or are we the ones at fault and our prayer lives need revamping?

Young preacher from the Asia District of Seventh-day Adventist Churches, Silburn Reid, says that as a people, we need to grow through prayer.

"If there is one area that we need to improve this year, it is our prayer life. No matter how well you think you can pray or have prayed, we need to learn to spend a little bit more time on our knees and have a talk with Jesus.

"When you pray and pray effectively, God has a way of making sure you're not hungry or begging for bread. he will turn the enemies that rise up against us to (become) our foot stool. When you pour out your heart to God and tell him everything, prayer can change your circumstances."

However, Reid, who was speaking at the Campbell's Castle Seventh-day Adventist Church recently, explained that prayer is much more than just asking for things.

"Prayer is more than presenting God with a long list of things you want him to do or fix in your life. Prayer is at its best when you have a daily discipline to go to God even when you don't need anything."

In his sermon, Reid outlined the do's and don'ts when intercessing the throne.

"You need to know how to pray every day. prayer has less to do with the place and more with the person. I'm tired of folk who allow the piety posture of prayer to preside over their personal privilege of prayer. It's not about how you kneel or if you kneel; it's not about how you bow your head; it's about your personal privilege."

He added that God is too good for us not to approach him with sincerity of spirit and a heart of worship.

"There is something about the grace and mercy of God. God doesn't give you the mercy you didn't use yesterday. He doesn't wake you up and microwave your mercy. Every day the Lord gives us a fresh batch of mercy."


Most important, the young preacher spoke to praying for people and the principles behind it.

"When somebody asks you to pray for them, please don't use it as an invitation to ask them what is going on in their life. God knows everything, just call my name to him. He understands the power of prayer which is why, just before going to Calvary, he invited his three closest friends for support to help him pray. There is something powerful about when somebody calls your name to God instead of talking to others about you."

Denying God will automatically cause Him to deny you, another reason Reid believes that many prayers are not heard.

"Do not be ashamed to pray in public. When you pray in public, unbelievers can become worshippers."

He further mentioned, "You need to ensure your prayer life has doxology and praise. Many of us suffer from an ailment called 'premature amen'. It's not just about presenting a long list of needs, but we need to sing some hymns of praise."

He then offered a word to those who judge when an individual's prayer is lengthy or that person's praise seem too extravagant.

"Church is not a museum for people who have been good. it's a hospital for sinners people who have been messed up. When people praise God, don't judge them. you don't know where they have been."