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Scotia hosts girls for International Women’s Day

Published:Wednesday | March 14, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Students display their joy at the Scotia Group event.

Fifty young ladies from four inner-city schools were invited to experience an 'annual general meeting' (AGM) at the Scotia Group event held on March 8. The students, selected from Vauxhall, Holy Trinity, Denham Town, and Clan Carthy high schools, had the opportunity to experience the corporate event as part of an International Women's Day activity as well as learn about the bank's operations and how it serves its customers.

"The objective was to build the financial literacy of the girls and expose them to the business discussions that take place during this kind of event. It was also an opportunity for them to meet and hear from some successful women in the corporate world, which we hope will inspire their decisions going forward," said Yanique Forbes Patrick, vice president of marketing at Scotiabank.

After a very engaging question-and-answer session at the Scotia Group AGM, the young ladies had a fun discussion with some of Scotiabank's executives and the Group's Chief Executive Officer David Noel.


Curious minds


Questions flowed based on curiosity about issues brought up at the AGM, understanding of shares and shareholders, and investment. There were also queries about their choice of study, how to be successful, and the importance of studying and knowing how to operate a business.

"I heard the CEO talking about the new automated teller machines and the other smart ways to bank, and I am looking forward to the new technology that Scotiabank has and will bring," said one student. Other students asked specific questions on how to set up a taxi or real-estate business.

Words of inspiration were shared by the Scotia Group Chief Financial Officer Michelle Wright and other members of the bank executive. Simone Hull captured their full attention with her personal story of overcoming numerous obstacles to achieve her dreams.

The session ended on a good note, with the students being reminded and encouraged to 'always think big'. "Nothing is too great to accomplish. It is not where you start out in this life, but how your write your own journey to achieve your goals," Forbes Patrick said.