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Hello Mi Neighbour | We're all in the world to serve

Published:Tuesday | March 20, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Hello mi neighbour! As time flies, opportunities fly with it! Whatever you ought to, do it now! By so doing, you fulfil your life's purpose and will have little or no regret whenever your departure time comes, save and except for what loved ones may say: Gone too soon.

In my opinion, people who live a purpose-driven life do not go too soon. Now for the debate.

The over 7.5 billion people in this world are here on contract - for a limited time with lots to accomplish. Matters not for how long we try to extend that time, it comes to an end here and then picks up elsewhere, where some will live in eternal peace, according to the Bible. But that's not the focus of this piece today.

As we pass our days, it's a grave mistake to allow ourselves to be consumed by only what pleases us. To repeat, all of us have been placed in this world to serve one another. Hence the diversity of gifts, disciplines and talents shared among us. The doctor, musician, cab driver and carpenter, etc, add comfort to us in their own unique way. "Tang God" for them.


... Find new meaning to life


Life has many 'must-dos'. We must seek to ease the pain of our fellow men. We must love children and help them to carve a future. We must always feed the hungry and never allow anyone to starve to death. We must always overcome evil with good and encourage others to do likewise. This may be difficult for many persons, but we must love, truly.

Of course, there are other 'must-dos'. What about those that you have been neglecting for some time? Have you been wanting to make it right with your neighbour for quite a while? Add it to your priority list today and make that bold move. This could give you the peace of mind you've longed for. And how about that church brother or sister that you need to forgive? It's been 'riding your conscience' and even preventing you from taking communion! That's a very important 'must-do' for today!

Another very important 'must-do' falls in the lap of wives and husbands who have been at loggerheads for some time. They must not allow the "sun to go down on their wrath" today.

That could be grave! This evil practice has led to the demise of many.

There are many readers who have been wanting to contribute to the welfare of someone through this column but keep on putting it off. Procrastinate no longer. Treat it as a 'must-do' today and do it with a passion and see how 'sweeter' it will make your own life.

If you are empty and unfulfilled, you could be missing some very important 'must-dos' and must take action now.

May I submit to all that the reason why our little country is so miserable is that most of our people have been practising 'misdeeds' instead of 'must-dos'. Gunmen are guilty, corrupt politician are guilty, dishonest preachers are guilty, unreasonable employers are guilty, and the list goes on.

And what else must I say?



- Raquel, St Andrew, for children's clothing

- Neighbour for offering a stove to a neighbour

- Neighbour in St Andrew, for donation

- St Andrew, for financial contribution

- Neighbour, St Andrew, for contribution of food




- Neighbour - Asking neighbours for a front door and a second-hand refrigerator

- Neighbour, St Elizabeth - Unemployed mother of two asking for food for children who are living without food.

- Neighbour - Asking for sixth-form books

- Mr Johnson, St Elizabeth - Asking for a mattress

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