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Weed Ed | How to attract investors

Published:Wednesday | October 3, 2018 | 12:00 AM

As more countries decriminalise ganja, investors across the globe are eager to maximise earning potential by funding companies at the ground level.

Jamaica is an attractive emerging market for financiers, and many have already invested heavily in our nascent industry. If you're a cannabis entrepreneur and you do get a chance to pitch your proposal to an investor, here are some things you should already have in place before the meeting.

1. Possess the ability to describe your business in two sentences. Your purpose, market advantage, and strategic vision should all be neatly tucked into your pitch.

2. Have your pitch deck ready. Find a creative way to visually represent your ideas without overdoing it. Make it between five to seven slides and maintain a clean design style.

3. Have a clear and credible plan of how you will execute your vision and what are the performance metrics you are pursuing.

4. Right price. Investors are looking for value for money. Also, be very clear on how investment will be spent and what are the returns on investment.

5. Right management team. Investors must feel confident in the people who will be managing their money. Recruit subject-matter experts in each field who can add value to your business prospects.