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Bus driver shot, injured by policeman in Spaldings for court next month

Published:Sunday | February 17, 2019 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey/ Gleaner Writer

The bus driver who attacked a policeman and was shot in Spaldings, on the Clarendon and Manchester border, is to appear in court next month.

After being released from hospital on Wednesday, the bus operator was slapped with three charges: assault occasioning bodily harm, assault at common law and resisting arrest. 

Jermain Reid, 45, who was taken into custody last Wednesday and was granted station bail by the police, because he was still recovering from the gunshot injuries and would not be able to withstand the rigours of a jail cell.

"He was still in bandages and very weak, so we decided to give him station bail. If that wasn't the case, he would be in lock up" Superintendent Wayne Cameron, head of the Manchester police, explained.

Reid was shot and injured by police after he attacked the law men who had arranged for his bus to be towed for breaches of his road licence.

In a video that went viral, an infuriated Reid could be seen shoving the policeman then later engaging in a tussle with the lawman until gun shots echoed and the bus operator was seen on the ground suffering from gun shot wounds. 

Reid is due to appear in court sometime in March. 

Meanwhile, police are confirming that Reid has had many previous run-ins with the law, both in and out of Jamaica. 

"He is no stranger to police lock-up and fighting police ....He has had three warrants out for his arrest for breaches of the Road Traffic Law; two in St Ann (Where he is from) and one in St James," Cameron revealed.

In addition,  Reid was previously convicted for illegal possession of firearm and robbery of a hotel in the Turks And Caicos Island (TCI). He was sentenced to life in prison but after an appeal , served two years and nine months and later deported to Jamaica. 

It is also reported that Reid was charged with attempted murder of a police in the TCI, but was later acquitted.