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Hello Mi Neighbour | Trouble set just like rain

Published:Wednesday | April 3, 2019 | 12:00 AM
The Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre in downtown Kingston.

Hello mi neighbour! As children, we heard: trouble nuh set like rain. Indirectly, our elders were saying that unlike bad weather, we are often not warned of impending adversities. In my later years, however, I came to realise that that statement was not entirely true. No disrespect to our elders, who were geniuses.

Respectfully, I posit that most troubles do ‘set like rain’, even as I recognise that some big troubles do arrive unexpectedly sometimes. I am also agreeing that to the young, impressionable minds, ‘trouble nuh set like rain’ as their underdeveloped insight cannot foresee the trouble that will result from their decisions and actions. See why parental guidance is critical to their safety and well-being? Think on these things.

For the most part, impending troubles do stare us in the face and even question our intelligence whenever we are about to make bad decisions. Our better judgement, consciences and even Spirit of wisdom raise red flags against those destructive steps and decisions we are about to take. But, we often allow greed, selfishness and ‘hard ears’ to get the better of us. Courthouses, prisons and hospitals, etc., are overflowing today just because people are refusing to see that ‘trouble set just like rain’.

Mi neighbours, I advise that you take a deeper look at the implications of those decisions you are about to make. Getting my drift? You should not drift through life without constant evaluation of your decisions and the motives of people who claim to make decisions in your interest. This could prove very costly in the aftermath.

That young woman who lives in fear because of threats on her life from the gentleman who added her name to his bank account as additional enticement for her to marry him is a case to pay attention to. As his anticipated entitlement to this charming damsel now seems uncertain, his anger is rearing its ugly head. Remember them in your prayers.

Please remember also my friend’s nephew who has been languishing in T. F. Prison because he was too undiscerning of the big, big, trouble that hovered over him like heavy, dark rain clouds just before the downpour. Even though he was warned many times in as many ways, this high school graduate allowed bad influence, greed, and covetousness to get the better of him. Of course, some amount of stupidity and wickedness must have helped to mix up his head. Now, he knows that the ‘power to get wealth’ does not come from the gun but from God. May he see the ‘rain clouds’ next time.

Neighbours, please note that all decisions have two critical outcomes: success or failure. Each has its own indicators. Please pay attention to the signs! Anxiety, desperation and insobriety often contribute to those decisions that lead to failure. To ensure that your life-changing decisions do not result in life-threatening outcomes, you must seek proper guidance, conduct thorough research and pray, etc. Life is too short for us not to safeguard against failure while capitalising on those ‘opps’ that ensure success.

Until next time, ‘look before yuh leap’ cause ‘trouble set just like rain.’


- Karlene, St Andrew, for donation.

- Everybody’s Pharmacy, for acts of neighbourliness.

- Rema, St Andrew, for donation.

- Hyacinth, St Catherine, for clothing.

- Latoyer, for donation.

- Mrs Gilzeane, St Andrew, for act of kindness.

Neighbours’s requests – trying to solve their problems.

- Ms Allen, St Elizabeth, blind, living alone – asking for a stove – needs prayer also.

- Suzan, Westmoreland, started a little house. Owing to ill health, plan has been shelved. Needs help to complete even one room.

- Sandra, St Thomas. Renal patient. Needs a surgery. Also second-hand zinc to help set up bathroom.

- Blind neighbour needs second-hand deep freeze to help with his little chicken-rearing business.

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