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PNP women leaders standing with Peter Phillips

Published:Monday | August 5, 2019 | 12:00 AM

The women in leadership in the People’s National Party (PNP), parliamentary groups, constituencies, municipal corporations and affiliate organisations have thrown their full support behind president Dr Peter Phillips.

Three of the four female members of parliament have declared their support for Dr Phillips. They are joined by the two female members of the Senate which includes the leader of opposition business.

MP Natalie Neita, who is also deputy leader of opposition business in the Lower House, is campaign manager for Dr Phillips’ One PNP campaign team.

MP Lisa Hanna, PNP treasurer, said she continues to be impressed with Dr Phillips’ strategic, shrewd, and well-thought-out leadership style and his unflinching focus on doing what is right for Jamaica. Furthermore, over the past two years, Dr Phillips has organised the party, “and we are modern and ready”.

Meanwhile, President of the PNP Women’s Movement, Jennifer Edwards, and members of the organisation’s executive body, are also standing firmly with Dr Phillips.


“I am standing with Dr Peter Phillips because he is our leader and the prime minister that Jamaica needs now. He is a man of the highest integrity and one we all can trust.” Edwards said.

The majority of female councillors and caretakers/candidates have also declared their support for the president.

The women said Dr Phillips has always respected the role of women in the leadership of the PNP and has ensured that they are at the centre of the formulation of the progressive policies of the party. They have agreed that Dr Phillips is best fit for the party’s top job at this time as he brings to the table a tried, tested and proven record of performance and a level of integrity that is second to none.

Dr Phillips also has the support of the female regional chairpersons for regions three and four comprising 33 constituencies, Denise Daley and Sophia Frazer Binns.

Members of Parliament

Natalie Neita - MP & Opposition Parliamentary Whip

- Lisa Hanna - MP & Party Treasurer

- Denise Daley -MP & Regional Chairman

- Donna Scott Mottley - Senator & Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate

- Sophia Frazer Binns - Senator & Regional Chairman




- Pauline Foster

- Venesha Phillips

- Lorraine Dobson

- Jacqueline Lewis

- Charmaine Daniel

- Jackie Lewis

- Nena Wilson

- Hazel Anderson

- Patricia Harris

- Yvonne McCormack

- Keisha Lewis

- Beverly Jobson Grant

- Andrea Duhaney,




- Valerie Neita Robertson

- Joan Gordon Webley

- Imani Duncan Price

- Venesha Phillips

-Patricia Duncan Sutherland

- Jacqueline Taylor Ogilvie


Women’s Movement

- Jennifer Edwards - President

-Patricia Morgan - VP Women’s Movement

-Patricia Elliott - VP Women’s Movement

Jennifer McLeod

Eva Murdock

Sonia Forbes

Patricia Duncan Sutherland – Public Relations Officer