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Steve Lyston | Lack of values destroying nations

Published:Monday | December 2, 2019 | 12:00 AM
As a nation, we are no longer taking our values and morals from the Bible argues Steve Lyston.
Parents need to stand up against declining morals.

While growing up, there were certain morals, standards and ethical guidelines that we were taught to follow. Most of our values were taken from the Bible and they served us well. Children were disciplined and the levels of crime and violence were not as high as they are today. We have allowed different people in various capacities to influence our standards and morals. The respect students held for their teachers, the esteem in which people held their leaders in society, including pastors and those in public, private and civil society, are almost non-existent today. The word today is that people have ‘evolved’ and are no longer doing what is right.

Political correctness

One of the biggest problems we have in society today is political correctness. Everyone wants to be popular, to the detriment of our nation. A true leader does what is right regardless of any political fallout, because they would have the backing of God. Today, many make decisions to please others. There was a time when uncovering a person’s nakedness in public and in the workplace would be a disgrace. Now, both men and women are leaving very little to the imagination, wearing very little, with almost everything being exposed. They have become a stumbling block for others, yet there are many crying out about sexual harassment. No one wants to look at the core of the issue and deal with it.

In order to please a small percentage of people in society, who are sadly those with the money that makes the mare run, we are removing the moral guidelines and erasing the lines of demarcation regarding our principles. We are promoting flagrant use of expletives and other ungodly things as solutions to our society’s ills. When everything goes, then anything goes and we should not then be surprised. When we see what is taking place in our schools, we need to stop blaming teachers. If we don’t restore morals, soon every teacher may have to arm himself or herself in order to survive in the school system.

Our Ministry of Education and our parent-teacher associations need to stand up, otherwise our schools will become garrisons and go-go clubs. Students should not be allowed to use cell phones at school unless there is an emergency and they are given permission. Many seem to prefer having students arrested rather than being disciplined and set on the right track early in life. Very shortly, we are going to hear that children have a right not to go to school, or they should be allowed to go to school in pajamas. Maybe, they will say that they should be allowed to smoke marijuana because they feel it enlightens the mind. Maybe they will say it is OK to get pregnant and have multiple abortions, or that they have the right to kill whoever they feel like killing. So, here are my questions. What about the rights of the parents? Are the parents recognising what is happening?

Politicians and morals

The number one criterion for being a representative of the people, should not be popularity, money, education, whether you have a Benz or a yacht. Morals, values and proper attitudes must be the criteria.

Morals are the principles we follow that help us to know the difference between right and wrong. So, when immoral people get power, they will advocate for immoral acts and laws. There are many who act honourably by day and are the complete opposite at night.

We have seen morals breakdown in media, politics, the marketplace and the Church. A quick look at the advertisements and their messages reveal much, and when our young people respond accordingly, then there is an outcry against our youth, rather than being the catalyst for their behaviour.

When there are churches celebrating Halloween, having bingo and magicians and hypnotists coming in to entertain their congregation, when the Church is supposed to be set apart and living in holiness, something is wrong. Righteousness, truth, grace, mercy, respect, honour, loyalty and biblical principles build a nation to be strong. Moral values are of such that they should guide our bilateral agreements and dealmaking. Realise that when morals and values break down, it impacts climate change.

Steve Lyston is a biblical economics consultant and author of several books, including ‘End Time Finance’ and ‘The New Millionaire’.