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Jamaica-born motivator, former journalist pens book on living a successful life

Published:Sunday | April 18, 2021 | 12:12 AMCecelia Campbell-Livingston - Sunday Gleaner Writer

Nicole Loiten
Nicole Loiten

Nicole Loiten has been living her best life since she experienced the power of using her own gifts to create an impact. Her primary gift, which is being a communicator from as early as she can remember, has allowed her to work as an international speaker, author, entrepreneur, journalist and a communication consultant. It is that experience that has now been the catalyst for sharing and empowering others to do the same with her recently released book What Am I Good At? 7 proven strategies to discover, maximise and build wealth from your gift.

Expounding on the book, Loiten said she penned it because she recognised that so many people were living defeated lives, comparing themselves with others and feeling inadequate because they did not know what their gifts or strengths were. And even if they knew, many people did not understand how to effectively use them, to create success.

“I’ve witnessed some of the most talented people living from pay cheque to pay cheque or struggling to get ahead because they were never taught how to maximise their strengths. I’ve also seen many others using all of their gifts to build the empires of others at their own expense. This book will revolutionise how you see yourself and will teach several effective strategies to discover your gift and how to use it to create an impact in this world,” she noted.

Loiten said the one thing she wants readers to take away from the book is to understand that God has already given each person the specific gift or gifts that he or she will need to fulfil their purpose. She shared her conviction that God assigned each person a particular problem to solve with the tools already in place to get the job done.

“The problems that many people face are how to recognise what that problem is. This problem is oftentimes referred to as our purpose.


Sometimes, the gifts that we possess can give us clues to help us to know what our purpose is. But I do believe that before we become so absorbed about our purpose, the most important question we need to ask ourselves is, “What am I good at?” If we start by doing what we are good at, then our lives will be much simpler and fulfilling. The easiest way to find out your life’s purpose is to start serving others with your gifts. Serve with excellence and add value to those around you, and everything will come together,” Loiten said.

Pointing out that a lot of persons show up for jobs every day that they hate, she said productivity would be at its peak if employees were working within their strengths. Similarly, she said some persons start businesses without finding out what their strength is, something that, if they focus on, would make their work effortless and carry greater impact.

Loiten, who hails from Linstead, is a past student of Charlemont High School as well as the Northern Caribbean University where she earned her degree in mass communication.

After working at several media houses in Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean, she did a stint as a communication consultant with the government of Grenada, then migrated to the United States.

Now armed with a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a Master of Science in Nursing Leadership and Management, she, along with her husband Andrew, is operating several successful businesses in South Florida, with writing and information sharing still her passion.

Come June, Loiten will be featured alongside international inspiration speaker Les Brown at his upcoming conference, something she describes as “mind-blowing”.

A Christian for many years, since she discovered she felt out of place at a nightclub – a place she once enjoyed going to, Loiten said it is important for her to live her life on purpose.

Pointing out that being a believer doesn’t make her immune from the trials of this world, she said there is no better confidence booster for her than knowing that God is always with her, so she cannot fail and all things are working for her good.

“One of the lessons I’ve learnt is to be faithful with whatever God gives me and He will multiply it,” she shared.

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