Tue | Oct 3, 2023

Christians to launch communications coalition

Published:Monday | September 12, 2022 | 12:06 AM

A number of Christian media owners, media workers, bloggers, public relations specialists and communicators have come together to form a consortium of believers in the business of communications spanning the Caribbean and the Americas.

The Association of Christian Communicators and Media (ACCM), which will be officially launched October 2, comprises professional communicators, who are Christians, working in the traditional secular, and religious media, social media, public and private agencies, and in the Judaeo-Christian Church.

The ACCM’s stated mission is to support and expand the gospel of Jesus Christ through various networks and engagements.

Media networks such as MTM TV, which broadcasts across the Caribbean, Canada and the African continent, TBC Radio, Freedom Come Rain Newspaper, Curacao-based Radio Semiya-FM 98.5, members of Love FM and NCU radio and TV networks, Christian Livity, an online media outfit, several online Christian radio entities, content producers and others, are represented in the organisation.

The ACCM will be staging public forums to bring to bear Christian positions on pressing national and international issues.