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Make the holidays bright with Ab-Tad Jewellers

Published:Monday | November 30, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Ab-Tad Jewellers
Modern metals make the hottest men's jewellery that are durable aand elegant.
Modern metals make the hottest men's jewellery that are durable and elegant.
Ab-Tad Jewellers

They say the best gifts come in the smallest packages, and one can never have too much jewellery. With that in mind, you'll want to make sure to get your stocking stuffers from Ab-Tad Jewellers.

What initially started as a means to make some extra cash two years ago, has evolved into Ab-Tad Jewellery and the only source of income for Kebre-Ab Beckford.

"While working at Illuminat Jamaica, now Massy Technology, I would purchase items online, nothing specific - anything I thought could be sold quickly - at a significantly discounted rate, then resold to my co-workers and friends. After the first few purchases, I realised the buzz it created at the office. My co-workers would come by at various times eager to see the items I had for sale. I had to carve out times when items could be viewed and purchased so that it wouldn't interfere with my work. I also had a friend who had started a jewellery business, years earlier, that seemed to be doing very well. This made me realise that jewellery could be a lucrative venture, so I decided to focus solely on it. And so Ab-Tad Jewellers was born."

In October 2013, Beckford created a Facebook page for her company. "It was not an easy process, and after amending it quite a few times, I started sharing it with the few customers I had then. Having the business online was the only way to continue functioning effectively at Illuminat Jamaica while attempting to grow the business. After completing the Facebook page, I realised the need for a logo that reflected what the business was all about, plus a business card and banner," shared a pleased Beckford.

As her business took off, Beckford felt the need to focus all her energy on Ab-Tad Jewellers. "I wanted the business to develop and flourish and needed time to make that happen. There were many ideas that needed to be implemented." Beckford got things in place, registered her business and told Outlook, "Within a week, I handed in my resignation, as I was now ready to start the next chapter of my life."


wide variety

Today, Ab-Tad offers a very wide variety of items made from stainless steel, sterling silver, titanium, and other lasting materials. Ab-Tad offers wrist and pocket watches, bracelets, chains, necklaces, body chains, pendants, rings, earrings, cartilage rings and cuffs (clip-on), and body jewellery. Looking for something softer to the touch, there are also some fabric pieces (leather, rubber, velvet, etc.) which can either be straight fabric or mixed with stainless steel or sterling silver.

Your interaction with Ab-Tab does not end there as they maintain the products they sell. Custom pieces can also be created. You can supply the style and they will replicate it.

In addition to her Facebook page, Beckford has also forged partnerships with quite a few companies that allow them to visit each month to showcase their products. "We are constantly seeking to forge new relationships with other companies as this provides us with a market base to showcase and distribute our products. We are also working on a website that will support e-commerce. Items purchased online will be delivered by courier to customers outside of Kingston and by an Ab-Tad representative to customers around Kingston," ended Beckford.

From the latest fashion jewellery to classic, vintage-inspired pieces, jewellery is a gift that is sure to wow. Thanks to Ab-Tad Jewellers, the small package you put under the Christmas tree will bring lots of delight.

To order, contact:

Kebre-Ab Beckford @ 871-6640 (Digicel) - Call or Whatsapp



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