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‘Boss Lady Ja’ teaches women to create wealth

Published:Sunday | April 28, 2019 | 12:00 AM
All smiles from the Let’s Talk Wealth! event organiser and presenters. From left: Romae Kirton, founder of Boss Lady Ja; Kenishia Mais, CEO, ThrivingDollars.com; Michelle Sinclair Doyley, manager, client financial information, JMMB; and Paula Roper Bacchas, realtor associate, Irie Homes Realty Company Ltd.
Lucky winners from the recently held ‘Boss Lady, Let’s Talk Wealth!’ event, with their brand-new budget trackers from BudgetLeaf.
Michelle Sinclair Doyley, manager, client financial education, JMMB, interacts with participants during her presentation on ‘Financial Goal Planning’ at the recently held ‘Boss Lady, Let’s Talk Wealth!’ event at that Eden Gardens Wellness Resort and Spa.

Scores of women intentional about their future and creating wealth recently attended the ‘Boss Lady: Let’s Talk Wealth!’ event at the Eden Gardens Wellness Resort & Spa.

Nestled among ‘family’, the group of women (and a few men), had an honest dialogue about money and the future – while sharing their experiences, dreams – and received professional coaching on steps to steer their lives and investments towards financial stability. The scores of attendees also accessed free credit checks by JMMB, along with resources from other companies, to assist with their wealth journeys.

The event opened with a presentation from ThrivingDollars.com CEO Kenishia Mais, who spoke about developing the right mindset for achieving wealth. The young entrepreneur and financial educator explained that the right mindset, coupled with a suitable method, are the building blocks for growing money. As such, she challenged the audience to reflect on their emotions, self-talk, value perception, and spending patterns, all of which affect the management of finances. She then encouraged the group to research investment options to find the most ideal for their individual circumstances.

Research was a similar thread in Paula Roper Bacchas’ presentation. A realtor associate with Irie Homes Realty Company Limited, Roper Bacchas warned the group not to attempt investment in real estate without knowledge of the industry. She went on to explain how one could build wealth through real estate.


Closing out the evening was Michelle Sinclair-Doyley, manager, client financial education at JMMB, whose spirited discussion took patrons through an eye-opening state of affairs. Relating current statistics, Sinclair-Doyley showed the wealth gap between men and women, explaining that the latter are usually more preoccupied with taking care of loved ones than amassing wealth. Through practical steps, she then guided the group through a journey of goal setting towards securing financial freedom into retirement.

Romae Kirton, Boss Lady Ja organiser and founder, said that she is delighted with the response to the second event for the brand.

“It is said that school teaches knowledge, but life requires wisdom, but wisdom is what I seemed to have lacked when I left university, particularly in areas of wealth and money management. I didn’t know about having an emergency fund or anything about the stock market or the percentage I needed to have saved to purchase a home ... nothing that would really prepare me to create wealth,” Kirton said.

“As I set out on my own wealth creation and financial-education journey, it occurred to me that there must be others like me out there. And so this training session was crafted with persons like that in mind. And I’m glad it delivered. Everyone left armed with knowledge, but more important, practical strategies they can apply immediately.”

Boss Lady Ja, launched in May 2017, is a movement to inspire, motivate, and offer advice to young Jamaican women. The initiative’s goal is to support women through the provision of meaningful content that provokes introspection into all aspects of their lives (health, love, career, social, and spiritual). We aim to unleash a spirit of greatness within every woman with whom we interact, leaving them fearless and empowered to conquer life’s challenges.