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Kehs Kenitra gives back with Kreative’s Market

Published:Sunday | June 9, 2019 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson - Gleaner Writer
Leighan Jewellery offerings of unique handcrafted jewellery.
Get all the accessory treasures and spoils from the one and only Chrissy’s Coils.
An upclose and beautiful at fine artist Marjorie Keith.
Courtney-Ann Wallace, CEO of Nakian Beauty Store, showcasing her skin care product.
Seeing summer in all it's sun shining glory is Seachelle Swimwear.
Hannjah (left) and Zinnijah Guadalupe modelling gorgeously fashioned patterns and prints boasting African pride.
Tavia Pinnock (left) and Shawneil Bailey check out the chic bag collection at Kehs Kenitra.
CEO and Creator of Kreative's Market, Khess Anderson posing proudly by her bag collection, Kehs Kenitra.
Makeup artist Aalyah Campbell applies her beauty magic on Olivia Anderson
Lennox Coke of Ultimate Art portrays Jamaica in the most vibrant colours.
Matthew Delfosse of Crystal Ball shares his beaded collection.
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most creative of them all? Kreative's Market of course! Floral wall designed by Diedre-Ann Roberts of Crafty Treats by DeAnn.

Giving back to an industry that had been so good to her: that was the mission for Khess Anderson when she orchestrated and executed Kreative’s Market.

Anderson emerged on the creative scene after embarking on an exciting journey into the style world two years ago. It was the expo as a platform which afforded her the opportunity to build her brand as one of Jamaica’s chic bag designers. “ I’ve been in 10 expos so far and it has been an adventure! Expos are definitely a good way to get your brand out there,” she explained to Outlook. She pointed out, however, that the process proved to be quite costly.

Her desire to make an impact on the industry grew even deeper. And she wanted to create an expo that was affordable to the vendors and appealing to the patrons, while boasting an aesthetic that screamed creativity meets festivity. Her fecund imagination entertained the idea to its greatest capacity, creating the concept, the name and later, organising the event.

The young entrepreneur did face her fair share of obstacles, from gathering sponsors to getting commitment from potential vendors. But this businesswoman rolled with the punches. Unphased by possible knockouts, she stayed ahead in the boxing ring, formulating backup plans or replacements, where necessary. “Getting people to commit in advance was also an issue. The first three months of the planning was just about making calls and reaching out trying to get persons on board. In that final month, a wave of people ready to participate. I reached out to a few, some of which I met at other events, and others reached out to me. Once you had a business and wanted to showcase your pieces there was a slot for you,” she revealed. What she ensured at the helm of it all was that there weren’t too many vendors showcasing similar items, so that patrons were able to have a variety of crafters to choose from.

Last Sunday, Anderson hosted her first-ever expo dubbed ‘Kreative’s Market’. The cultural celebration explored a quaint display of creativity, artistry, fashion, style and accessory, even beauty. Individuals who turned out Trade Centre on Red Hill Road in Kingston for the event immersed themselves in the transformed oasis of splendour. Matthew Delfosse, creator of Crystal Ball, greeted patrons with his magical accessories collection. From there, Lennox Coke of Ultimate Art portrayed Jamaica in the most vibrant of colours. Marjorie Keith, an expert expressive artist, who makes ceramics her canvas was ready to find elegant homes and offices for her painted creations. Keith wowed spectators and collectors with her fine-art ceramic collection.

Leighan Jewellery offered handcrafted jewellery, locally made with nothing but love. Courtney-Ann Wallace, CEO of Nakian Beauty Store took us on a tour of her original skincare products, as well as those she distributes, all of which are certified Jamaican. Seachelle Swimwear promoted swimming in a tropical luxury, courtesy of her handmade crochet swimsuits and complementing cover-ups. Then H.Z. Timeless had women queening on spot, tapping into our roots with beautifully fashioned patterns and prints boasting African pride. Then guests ventured over to Chrissy’s Coils for her uniquely sophisticated jewellery designs. Kehs Kenitra had it all in the bag, bringing her new interior line, Kozy Homes to the forefront. A floral fiesta was brought to patrons by the radiant Diedre-Ann Roberts of Crafty Treats by DeAnn, and speaking of parties, leading the face-beat game and offering make-up services on spot was make-up artist Aalyah Campbell. Last, but certainly not least, young artist Tahj Mullings hung his marvellous artwork for all to see and explore. The event was hosted by dynamic duo Denille Ashwood and Netania Mundell.

Anderson shared that she experienced a rollercoaster of emotions while seeing all her dreams become this fantastic reality. “It was fun, tiring, nerve-racking, a rollercoaster of emotions really. It was also a learning experience for me, I met so many amazing persons throughout this entire journey who gave me good advice and referrals to help make my event successful.” To accomplish this feat at the age of 23 is incredible, she is not only blessed, but grateful to those who had a hand in its success. With hopes of launching her small home and office interior line Kozy Homes on a grand scale, her advice to those looking to plan an expo is to go for it. “Try to be as organised as possible! Write everything down. You’ll also need a lot of patience and endurance. Most important, do it with love! That’s the only way you’ll overcome all the obstacles you’ll face, remembering why you wanted to do it in the first place.”