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Paper made beautiful

Published:Sunday | June 30, 2019 | 12:00 AMJessica Harrison - Gleaner Writer

Remember as a child when you couldn’t afford to buy expensive gifts for your parents on special days? How about when you would resort to cartridge paper, crayons, and whatever other scraps you could play with to present the most heartfelt tokens of appreciation? Zamar Creations by Samantha Cooper replicates your nostalgia with handcrafted gifts and decor, but with far more skill and creativity.

“When creating something, I’m usually listening to worship music and I learnt that one of the Hebrew names for worship is ‘Zamar’ and so I ran with the name,” she said

Having read for her degree in integrated marketing and communication, the 24-year-old St Ann native, landed a job in her field, which only led her to feelings of displeasure and unfulfilment. After much deliberation, Cooper decided that perhaps it would be better for her if she handed in her resignation and move back home to focus on what she loves, creating.

“I was really only providing this service for close friends and family and as I got older, learnt new techniques and decided that Corporate was not for me. I extended the service to people who wanted to pay real money for personalised gift items,” she recounted.


When asked about support, Cooper’s face lit up brighter than a freshly decorated Christmas tree.

“My mother, oh my goodness! She has really been a source of great support since I was a child. Whatever I chose to do in terms of big decisions, she would guide me, but ultimately support all my endeavours, and for that I am grateful,” she said.

Outlook had the chance to speak with Cooper’s mother, Dorothy Simpson, about why she supports her daughter’s creative entrepreneurship endeavours.

“She’s my only child and I know she has the drive and the talent to become very successful in whatever she chooses to do. She has that faith where people may think she’s crazy for leaving the safety of her ‘9-to-5’ to make paper decor and gifts. I don’t need many reasons to support her,” said Simpson.

Zamar Creations provides handmade gifts such as picture frames, cards and other keepsakes, along with beautiful decor, depending on what your mind can conceive. They cater to all events and special occasions such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, and congratulatory parties.

To say what you want and mean it from your heart, Zamar Creations can be found on Instagram @zamarcreations or simply call (876) 558-4890