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Sujae Boswell, The Voice Of The Youth

Published:Sunday | August 11, 2019 | 12:00 AMLatara Boodie - Gleaner Writer

Hidden in the crevices of our island are a number of promising young souls who have the potential to increase the prosperity of our great nation. From the volatile community of Hendon, Norwood, in St James, rose a young man who believed that better can be an option and he was hungry to achieve it. Twenty-four-year-old Sujae Boswell can easily be described as a beacon of goodwill and hope for those around him. As a passionate advocate for his fellow youth, Boswell has collaborated on numerous projects with the Ministry of Youth and Culture and the Ministry of Education, the Jamaica National Commission for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission. “There are so many brilliant minds in our most volatile areas, I am just one of many,” said Boswell.

Outlook was able to have a quick chat with Boswell, who is currently pursuing an Msc in international public development management while serving as the hall chairman of Chancellor Hall at The University of the West Indies, Mona. With his many achievements and continuous contribution to the young minds of Jamaica, we wanted to learn more about the man behind the missions that have touched so many lives across Jamaica.

When asked what his earliest memory of advocacy was, Boswell took a deep breath as he dug through his archives to see where his strength with words developed. The journey started with a scraggly youth in grade three who refused to be transported in the trunk of a taxi with a few of his peers. “A taxi driver wanted to put us as children in the trunk of the car to drive while the older kids and adults would occupy the regular seats. I told him no and explained to the other kids that we shouldn’t allow people to treat us as if we were animals. Needless to say, we didn’t take that taxi,” explained the vibrant young man.

Boswell gives his family credit for being the incubators for his personal growth and development. “They were always supportive of my outspoken nature. My mother especially allowed me, from I was much younger, to be able to express my discontent with any situation or occurrence which I didn’t find suitable,” he said.

For Boswell, having a voice in a guided and respectful manner is imperative to the movement of obstacles and the creation of opportunities.

As a young man who wears many hats, there is no such thing as a typical day for Boswell. Each day is met with unique challenges which he has trained his mind to overcome. Adhering to his responsibilities keeps him focused when the going gets tough. With his beloved dog Milo to keep him in check, tackling academic tasks and fulfilling professional commitments are the norm for his day-to-day activities.

“I believe in balance. Balance, to me, is truly a measurement of priorities. We all have different approaches depending on our personality and circumstances. For me, I try to associate with people with a similar vision, who want to be better and build our country,” said Bowell.

With his roots anchored in the his community, Boswell remains grounded, motivated and focused because of them. “I feel like in many ways, I owe it to them to go as far as I can go. I had an experience where I tried to change a cheque and due to my address, I was classed as a scammer and so, for me, more than anything, I want to be a testament that good people and change makers do come from my community. There are a lot more persons doing great things and so I want to be in a position where I can magnify their work,” he said.

Boswell is currently working on a programme which is near and dear to his heart called, ‘Educate 4 Peace’. This organisation serves to reinforce positive messages to the youth across Jamaica. “Young people who hail from communities like mine are seeking a beacon of hope. Many believe that their goals are possible to achieve but reassurance is needed in many instances,” he explained. ‘Educate 4 Peace’ was co-founded by Kemoy Lindsay and Boswell, who both see education as a measure to create a more peaceful and inclusive Jamaican society. “We are currently developing our ‘Thanks for Tanks’ initiative to aid schools which are most significantly affected by water shortage and drought conditions,” said Boswell.

His message for the youth of Jamaica is to keep a positive outlook on life. A lot of your success in life will flow from your perspective.