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Henzil Muir stellar handmade postcards

Published:Sunday | December 1, 2019 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley - Gleaner Writer

Henzel Muir is a 45-year-old creative who has set out to make a huge difference in the way you communicate. He makes postcards bearing special messages, customised to your liking, with his bare hands, some with glitter, glue, pencils, photographs on a special type of paper, and other simple tools.

It’s a craft that Muir picked up and natured while he was incarcerated for 21 years. Impressed by three inmates who dominated the skill, he challenged himself to learn the vocation and even surpass the talent of those who preceded him. And he did. Now a free man, Muir not wanting to dwell on the past says that he’s enjoying the perks of being his own boss and making his clients smile. He does not want to be defined by his past.

“I’m a self-motivated, confident, and disciplined person. I work towards what I believe in and that’s why I’ve made this into a business. My brand and products are different, so I’m always attracting customers,” he said.

Muir brings his unique flair to this dated profession, keeping the postcard-making tradition alive. His stylish and stirring penmanship is enough to capture any attention, not to mention his sharp stencil designs.

Are you committed to a long distance relationship? Or do you have family members abroad? Postcards serve different purposes and these are two reasons the Kingston native offers his service. He’ll even tell your story in his one-of-a-kind pieces. Muir makes these cards for different occasions including birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day celebrations. He has also tapped into the fashion industry with stellar designs on clothing.

And for the Yuletide season, he is giving you more options to say ‘Merry Christmas’. ‘Have an Irie Christmas’ and ‘Have a Sorrel Christmas’, artistically written, are just two of his options. Plus, if you know of another way to send this sentimental message, he’ll bring it to life in an innovative and appealing creation.

Muir always tries to avoid the norm. He aims for the extraordinary. This is why he has become famous for his edgy items. Ask him to design the most eccentric, cute, or stellar card, and he’ll have it done in a mere two hours. The innovative businessman draws inspiration from life. This, along with competition from others in his creative pool, and his customers, influence his style.

“If you ask me to design a card for you, no matter how difficult it may appear, I’ll make it exactly how you want it. And if I combine your ideas with mine, I know that I can create something that’s unique,” he told Outlook.

Henzel Muir can be contacted at (876) 821-4722.