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Tuesday Talk

Published:Monday | August 14, 2017 | 12:00 AM

1 Some women can become very creative - like the one who discovered that her husband was having dinner with his secret lover. She presented herself at the restaurant and took a table close by, making the couple very uncomfortable. She proceeded to order the most expensive meal with all the extras then charged it to him. That's one way to ensure an upset stomach.

2 A councillor is shot and injured and a trusted party worker is dead in a Kingston garrison. The police have given no recent update on the status of their investigations, yet no one (read Opposition) is calling for the crime to be solved. Something is rotten in the State, for sure.

3 The Palisadoes Strip is maintaining its reputation as a place for late-night trysts. On any night, but especially when the Moon shines brightest, scores of couples can be seen enjoying the ambience and taking in the cool sea breeze. Well, even with the crime situation out of control, there is safety in numbers.