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Something Extra | Wednesday

Published:Wednesday | July 17, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Marsha Laylor (left) enjoying some Rasta vibes with Sule Green.
It was clearly a ‘beer vibe’ that had (from left) Aldia Fisher, Sharon Burns and Veronica Fisher in a jolly good mood.
Nerrie Kacey (left) and Klynton Lawrence stepped out looking like royalty in their outstanding attire.
From left: Liesa-Marie Wehr, Daniela Jarrín, Kimani Green Voss, Karla Sunjic and Maxime van de Voort are enjoying the ‘street’ vibe.
Andreas Sandene (left) in his bright and colourful attire is joined by Carin Makwar for a cute photo op.
Shahak Nathan is happy to be accompanied by her fellow party buddies, Shoham Yaakov (left) and Yadin Belo.

It was all about the reggae Sumfest Street dance on Tuesday night, as patrons turned out in their ‘street attire’, at the old hospital park, on Jimmy Cliff boulevard in Montego Bay, as they jammed to the rhythm and beat of selctors all night long. Here are the highlights.