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On the Tallawahs, Pan Am and Reggae Boyz

Published:Monday | July 13, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Jamaica Tallawahs players (from left) Rusty Theron, Krishmar Santokie, André Russell and Chris Gayle.
Jamaica midfielder Rudolph Austin (17) celebrates his game-winning goal in stoppage time during the second half of a CONCACAF Gold Cup match against Canada last Saturday in Houston. Jamaica won 1-0.

The Jamaica Tallawahs are proving to be a very inconsistent team. Some days, they are very good, some days, they are very bad.

While in Jamaica at Sabina Park, this franchise has thrilled and disappointed even their most ardent supporters. A fan's analysis of the team, however, will reveal that the team is not really very good at all. The team IS Christopher Henry Gayle. When Gayle fails with the bat, that team fails. When Gayle bats well, the team wins. Why is it so difficult for the coach and team officials to understand that basic truism?

In the bowling department, except for Krishmar Santokie and Daniel Vettori, none of the other bowlers seem to have a basic understanding of how to bowl to batsmen who are intent on scoring eight to 10 runs per over. As for fielding, whoever is the fielding coach should be asked to refund any money that he has received so far, and to promise to leave the squad immediately in exchange for no charges being laid against him.

Jamaica deserves better from this franchise. I do not blame the players; they appear to me to be doing the best that they can. I lay all the blame on the selectors of the team and the coaches and so-called 'mentors'. It is insulting to hear a coach continue to heap praises on a player who has totalled less than 20 runs in six T20 matches. The player obviously has serious vision problems that need to be sorted out before being asked to continue strolling out to bat and minutes later strolling in to remove his pads.

I find it simply amazing how West Indian selectors and coaches can justify and be quick to defend the axing of a fellow West Indian from cricket yet seem to be so reluctant to identify and axe a non-West Indian playing for a local franchise who has displayed similar woeful lack of form. The Jamaica Tallawahs can still do well in the Caribbean Premier League. But (and this is a big but) only if Chris Gayle bats well. Go Chris!


Pan Am mishap


I am trying to understand how Jamaica could have got the quota for number of athletes allowed in the Village of the Pan American Games in Canada so wrong. The fact is that Jamaica had to deselect some four (or is it five?) athletes from the team

having been informed of our overselection. If the blame is at the feet of the organisers of the Games, I do sincerely hope that there is a cash return to Jamaica Olympic Association re money spent on outfitting and transporting these athletes to Canada. We just cannot afford to allow this episode to pass as "oops".

Finally, the Reggae Boyz are making us proud by their exploits in the Gold Cup tournament now going on in the USA and Canada. However the timely intervention by the president of the Jamaica Football Federation, Captain Horace Burrell, saved a potentially very embarrassing situation when the players staged a "strike" over money to be earned by competing in the tournament. As it now stands, ALL the money earned by the Federation during this tournament will go to the people who produced the results ... the players. My question is this? How come the allocation of money to the players was not finalised BEFORE the team reached the Gold Cup?

Did the Federation not learn anything from the last player strike? Notwithstanding this hiccup, every one of us with one voice say: "GO BOYZ".