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FIFA fitness instructor to conduct local course

Published:Wednesday | July 15, 2015 | 2:48 PM

In the face of growing consensus regarding the significant improvement in the fitness level of the senior Reggae Boyz squad and other national squads, the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) is seeking to increase the knowledge based on this important topic right throughout the football landscape.

On the request of the JFF for this course, FIFA has appointed Tobias Wawroschek, former German national goalkeeper and now FIFA fitness instructor, to conduct a fitness course in Jamaica.

The course will be held in Kingston, August 10-14. All National Premier League clubs and all parish associations will be allowed to appoint one participant each. National coaches will also participate.

In a release yesterday, the JFF said it had requested that the following topics be part of the curriculum for the one-week course.

n Physical condition in today's game.

n Physical demands of top-level football.

nUsing small-sided games to develop the different physical qualities (components of fitness).

n Roles, responsibilities and characteristics of the fitness coach.

n Fitness testing.

n Strength.

n Speed.

n Suppleness/flexibility.

n Endurance qualities (energy systems).

n Recovery strategies.

n Developing physical qualities according to the age - physical preparation of young players.

n Planning the annual programme.

n Monitoring training load.

All participants must be Advanced Level I certified.