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Oh sleep, where art thou

Published:Sunday | August 23, 2015 | 12:00 AMAndre Lowe

You know what? I think the journalists here covering the World Championships should get some medals as well.

Yeah, man!

For solo journalists from a country like Jamaica with so may athletes participating, such a demanding and knowledgeable public, such high-

profile athletes, it really is tough work covering major championships like the World Championships.

Just yesterday, Yohan Blake's manager, Cubie Seegobin, was making fun of me in the media tribune, telling a friend that I seem to be having trouble sleeping since I'm always sending messages at odd times and always 'online' since I have been in China. It certainly isn't by choice.

It feels like I haven't really slept since arriving a week ago. For sure, since the meet itself started, I've been logging consistent days with nothing more than an odd hour or two.


jamaican experience


And it's certainly not unique to me. The 13-hour time difference between Jamaica and China and all the reasons listed above, and more, make this the situation for all the Jamaicans here.

It's something I've become used to over the years and it's exactly what we signed up for, so, no complaints. Still, it's probably a good thing there is a single-session day coming up soon.

Anyway, when you're staying up almost until the next morning's session writing about Usain Bolt's title defence after a tough season or O'Dayne Richards' amazing and historic shot put bronze, or Rusheen McDonald's 43-second national record in the 400m, things seem to flow a little better. You feel less tired; all is well with the world.

The Bird's Nest was rocking on Sunday night (Sunday morning Jamaica time), and I can only imagine the scenes in Half-Way-Tree as Bolt, in particular, sped to victory in the 100m.

There was a camera crew at my station in the stands filming my reactions before, during and after the race. I hope my bosses don't see that tape; I probably had as many interview requests as Bolt himself.

Congrats again to the medallist and to Rusheen. Yesterday belonged to Jamaica.

I think there will be a few more days like this to come.

Which, of course, means ... no sleep.